Well GoDaddy is a great domain name registrar, we strongly recommend against their hosting products. Not only are you up sold every step of the way, with many things that you don’t actually need, but the quality of the hosting and servers is subpar compared to other providers in the industry.

They are very focused on their revenues, which leads to cutting corners in many areas of their business. Clearly marketing is it heavy focus for where to spend money, as they have taken out Super Bowl commercials in the past, and sponsored top celebrities to promote their brand.

Server and technology-wise, there are much better hosting providers out there that can give much better service at the same or even cheaper cost.

You can still do your own research in other reviews, but you recommend other hosts before GoDaddy’s hosting products.

They are also most often compared to A2 Hosting, Bluehost and HostGator.

Date Modified - 02/05/2024

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Hosting Plans from GoDaddy

$3.99 per Month
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