Bluehost WP Premium Hosting Review and Coupons for 2023

Bluehost WP Premium

The WP Premium hosting package from Bluehost is a wordpress hosting package starting at $39.99 per month. We’ve rated it a 1 out of 5 overall.

Some notable features included with this web hosting package are 120GB storage available, SSL certificate included (so you can have a HTTPS website), staging sites so you do not have to make changes to your live site, unlimited websites allowed, automated backups of your entire account (great insurance), fully managed by hosting company (no worring about server maintenance) and fully optimized and well-tuned for WordPress.

Many people compare this plan directly against hosting plans like Flywheel Personal, Liquid Web Business, WP Engine Startup, HostGator Standard and Bluehost WP Enhanced.

Bluehost WP Premium Hosting Account Features

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Our Rating
Rated 1 out of 5
Price $39.99 /month
Type WordPress
Web Host Company Bluehost
Bandwidth Limited
Storage 120GB
Memory 6GB
Number of Databases Unlimited
Monthly Visitors 600,000,000
Number of Websites unlimited
One-Click Installs
Managed Hosting
WordPress Optimized
Free Domain Included
Free Migration
Email Included
SSL Included
SSD Storage
Control Panel
CPanel Included
Automated Backups
Staging Sites
Dedicated IP
Money-Back Guarantee

What do you think of the Bluehost WP Premium plan?

More About Bluehost


One of the most popular hosts promoted by many bloggers is Bluehost. While some people may like them, we have only had negative experiences when dealing with the company. The main reason why they are promoted so often, is because of being large affiliate commissions that most bloggers make.

Bluehost offers a number of different plans, including shared, WordPress optimized, VPS, cloud and dedicated accounts.

We have pulled our hair out numerous times while dealing with a customer support team, and even with one of their dedicated servers, lost almost a week of website of time (and tens of thousands in lost revenue), with no solution on their side of things, and poor communication along the way.

Feel free to do your own research, but we would highly recommend using a different hosting company before you would go with Bluehost

Some of their other plans include Basic, Choice Plus, Plus, WP Enhanced, WP Standard and WP Ultimate.

Our Review of Bluehost

Our Rating
Rated 1 out of 5
Ease of Use
Rated 2 out of 5
Customer Support Team
Rated 3 out of 5
BBB Rating A+
BBB User Reviews
3.7/5 from 37 users
Live Chat Customer Support Has Live Chat Customer Support
Email Customer Support Has Email Customer Support
Phone Customer Support Has Phone Customer Support
Data Centers

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Rated 1 out of 5
$39.99 /monthWordPressBluehostunlimitedLimited120GB6GBUnlimited600,000,000

Rated 2 out of 5
$28.00 /monthWordPressFlywheel1500GB10GB125,000

Rated 4 out of 5
$149.00 /monthWordPressLiquid Web25Unmetered100GB25Unlimited

Rated 5 out of 5
$35.00 /monthWordPressWP Engine150GB10GB125,000

Rated 5 out of 5
$7.95 /monthWordPressHostGator2LimitedUnmetered2200,000

Rated 1 out of 5
$29.99 /monthWordPressBluehostunlimitedLimited60GB4GBUnlimited300,000,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about the WP Premium from Bluehost?

We would rate the WP Premium account with a 0 out of 5. You can read all of our reasons for above.

How much is the WP Premium from Bluehost?

It costs $39.99 /m, which can go up or down, depending on what functionality you select, and how long you buy for.

What kind of environment is the WP Premium account?

WP Premium is a WordPress hosting account.

How many sites does the WP Premium plan allow for?

The WP Premium plan allows for unlimited to be on the account at any time.

What kind of bandwidth does the WP Premium allow for?

In terms of bandwidth, the WP Premium allows for Limited transfer.

How much storage does it come with?

The WP Premium package has 120GB store available per account.

How many databases can I have?

Unlimited are included with the WP Premium account.

How many visitors per month can I have?

600,000,000 are included with the WP Premium plan every month

Is the WP Premium a managed hosting account?

Yes! The WP Premium is fully managed by Bluehost, so you do not have to worry about any server maintenance, settings, etc.

Is the WP Premium optimized for WordPress?

Yes! This one is built for speed from the get-go. Your WordPress site will hum becuase of the right server settings, plugins and management.

Is there a free domain name included?

Yup! There is a free domain name that comes with the WP Premium account, that will be automatically configured for you.

Does the WP Premium come with one-click installs of major systems?

Yes! The WP Premium account has software built-in that will allow you to install WordPress with a single click!

Will Bluehost migrate my site with this plan?

No, there are no migration functions included with the WP Premium, but you can use a 3rd party plugin to move sites.

Are there email addresses included?

Yup! Email addresses are included with the WP Premium plan.

Does the WP Premium come with an SSL?

Yes! Every WP Premium account comes with free SSL certificates ready to use.

Is SSD (solid state drive) storage included with the WP Premium plan?

No, the WP Premium just uses traditional storage hard drives.

Is there a customer panel with the WP Premium account?

Bluehost does include a customer panel where you can manage your billing, profile, accounts, etc.

Is CPanel included with the WP Premium?

Yup! Cpanel is the main interface for the WP Premium, which is powerful and flexible to do just about anything you need to do.

Does the WP Premium account do automatic backups?

Yes, backups are included with the WP Premium, so you can always recover your data.

Can the WP Premium handle automatic staging sites?

Yes! Staging site functionality is built into the WP Premium, so you can make changes on a development site, then push it live.

Does the WP Premium come with a dedicated IP address?

Nope, a dedicated IP is not included with the plan, but can be purchased separately if you decide you really need it.

Date Modified - 08/22/2023


What does "Automated Backups" mean?

Automated backups is a service within thee backend control panel where your provider automatically makes a copy of all of your website data, databases, files and more, and stores it securely in another location. This way if your main server or account goes down, you can always retrieve the data, and restore it back when the last time it was backed up. These often come included with hosting accounts, but there are many great third-party providers if yours is not include one. We recommend daily automated backups for most websites, as this could one day save you a ton of hassle and headaches

What does "Bandwidth" mean?

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that your websites are allowed to send and receive from the open internet. When someone visits your website, they are actually downloading the files from your account, which are being rendered and displayed on their website browser. Those files each have a size, with images and videos being much larger. The total bandwidth that your account is given is the total file transfer size for a given month. Many shared accounts have unlimited bandwidth, but most of them are governed by an agreement with a company not to go over reasonable amount, which are very relative from company to company

What does "Cloud Hosting" mean?

Cloud hosting refers to a specific type of hosting where your files are actually stored in a network of servers all over the world. Traditionally, you would rent a small amount of space on a physical server, located somewhere in the world. The issue is, if that server went down, no one could reach your website and less there was automatic redundancies from your provider. Cloud hosting basically sinks your data between many different locations, so depending on where someone is in the world, they may access a different version of that data, which is usually delivered much faster than a traditional server. Cloud hosting is now very inexpensive, is usually faster than a single server location, and provides great redundancy in the event of your server going down

What does "Control Panel" mean?

A control panel is a place in the back end of your hosting providers website where you can manage your profile, billing and account. Consider this mission control for everything that has to do with your website hosting, where you can easily set up new domains, control bandwidth and storage, upload files the FTP, configure different settings, and much more

What does "CPanel" mean?

Cpanel is one of the most popular types of control panels for back-end servers on the market today. It provides a large amount of flexibility and functionality in terms of what you can do within a server itself. Some of these functions include adding new domains or subdomains, provisioning storage and bandwidth, viewing server logs, accessing website files, and much more

What does "CPUs" mean?

A CPU stands for a central processing unit, and is the main computational engine for servers. When you see these in relation to a web host, they’re talking about how powerful the server actually is. The lower accounts will only have a single CPU, but the higher and more expensive accounts will have multiple CPUs, sometimes up to 8 or 16 in a single server. The more CPUs they have, the more computing and concurrent tasks can happen at once

What does "Data Centers" mean?

A data center refers to a physical location somewhere in the world where a large collection of servers are held. Companies like Amazon have data centers all over the world, and store different things different places. Having multiple data centers not only gives them more storage space, but it also shortens the distance between a website visitor and the actual files location, so things load faster. They also provide great redundancy in the case of one data center going down, there are usually multiple others that can serve the same file in the event of this kind of emergency

What does "Dedicated IP" mean?

A dedicated IP address is an optional add-on for some accounts, which gives you a unique IP address for your specific server. Most hosting accounts are known as shared, as many people who have accounts share the same servers and Technical Resources, which will give them the same IP address for their website. With a dedicated IP address, you are the only one in the world with that IP. This is mainly used on large traffic websites, or in cases of spam within other accounts leading to your website or IP address getting blacklisted

What does "Dedicated Server" mean?

A dedicated server is an actual physical server provided by your web host, only for you. You can choose the storage space, CPUs and memory that it has, so only your websites can use that computational power. This used to be the only way to get server space, but is now being actively replaced by Cloud hosting and virtual servers, which are favorable because of their scalability and reliability compared to a single point of failure

What does "DNS Information" mean?

DNS stands for domain name system, and refers to all of the specific settings behind the domain, that tell the world wide web where to go when certain things happen. It shows which IP address and server that your files are located on, what to do with incoming email, what to do if you go to a subdomain of that domain, and much more. These settings are usually managed within your domain registrar, or Hosting account, depending on how you have things configured with your name servers

What does "Email Address" mean?

Most people know what your email address is, but in regards to a Hosting account, it is the ability to have your own domain name as the suffix for your email. Many providers allow you to point your DNS information towards your account, and be able to configure emails to be sent and received via that server. If you want to have a professional look for your email, this is a great way to go, along with other providers such as Google apps

What does "Email Support Tickets" mean?

Email support tickets are one of the most common types of Customer Support options out there. They allow you to submit a request to the company of the other website, and a customer service representative will get back to you as soon as they can. This allows them to handle more cases, even though the requests are not always answer right away

What does "Hosting Account" mean?

A hosting account can be considered rented land, where you store your website’s files. it is basically a computer that is accessible by the rest of the internet, so when somebody types in your domain name, they’re automatically directed to the correct place to get those files

What does "IP Address" mean?

An IP address is the unique address or string of numbers that every device connected the internet is assigned. It could be thought of the same way as latitude and longitude coordinates, so no matter where you are in the world, if you have those coordinates you know exactly where something is. Your device right now has a unique IP address it is browsing from based on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, and this website has a different IP address, so visitors like you can find it from anywhere

What does "Live Chat Support" mean?

Live chat customer support is a small pop-up or on-screen dialogue will you can chat with a customer support representative. It’s probably one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with their customer support team, because everything is instantaneous, and you don’t have to wait on-hold with annoying background music for half an hour. We strongly prefer to use live chat when getting in touch with companies, so highly recommend companies that offer it as a support channel

What does "Managed Hosting" mean?

Managed hosting refers to a higher level of service and customer support that comes with an account. This means that all of the backend maintenance work, server issues, and server optimization will be taken care of by the company, you don’t have to worry about it at all. We highly recommend using a managed account, as it will help you avoid tech headaches down the road

What does "Memory" mean?

Memory is a measure of how much quickly accessible storage a server has on hand. The more memory a server has, the faster and more responsive it will be with quick computational tasks. Every device that you have has a set amount of memory, either measured in megabytes or gigabytes. Servers will traditionally have 512gb all the way up to dozens of gigabytes in their memory

What does "Monthly Visitors" mean?

Monthly visitors refers to the amount of visitors that your Hosting account is either limited to, or recommended to based on the resources provision to it. Some hosting companies like WP Engine will limit the amount of visitors that you have, and charge for overages, while others just use it as a recommendation for roughly the amount of traffic a certain hosting package can handle

What does "MX Records" mean?

MX records are a type of DNS records that handle incoming and outgoing email correspondence for that domain. If you choose to use an external email server such as Google apps, you will have to change your MX records. That way when an email is trying to be delivered to someone on your domain, the external service knows exactly where to deliver that email to

What does "Nameservers" mean?

Name servers are the most general level of DNS setting, which point everyone to where the actual DNS settings are located. When you change your name servers, you are usually pointing them to a different server, where you will have different DNS settings as to the specifics of where emails, subdomains, and other pieces of information should be directed to

What does "Number of Databases" mean?

The number of databases that a web host allows determines how many applications in separate databases that you can have installed. Some only allow for one or two, while others allow for unlimited (within reason) numbers of databases

What does "One-Click Installs" mean?

1-click installation software is included with many accounts, which allows you to install most common types of web Frameworks, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others, without having to get in and set up the database and credentials yourself. We highly recommend using a host that has this pre-installed with each account, as figuring out how to set up a MySQL databases can be a pain for beginners

What does "Phone Support" mean?

Phone customer support refers to a company having the ability for you to call in to get support, which some companies do and some don’t. Unfortunately calling into phone support has gotten a bad reputation because of the long wait times and helpful staff on the other end. But for some problems, it is the fastest way to get to reliable help

What does "Shared Hosting" mean?

Shared hosting is one of the most affordable and common types of Hosting accounts that you will find. You are basically renting a small amount of space that scales up and down on your web host’s servers, along with hundreds or thousands of other people. Because of those economies of scale and shared resources, the cost is much lower than compared to a dedicated server, will you always have that set amount of space

What does "SSD Storage" mean?

SSD hosting actually refers to the storage type that that plan uses, and stands for Solid State Drive. In the past hard drives were all physically spinning disks, that use magnetic fields to read the date on those discs. As technology has improved, more and more hard drives are what is known as solid state, which has no moving parts, and is much faster to read and write information from. So any account that offers SSD storage will be much faster in terms of load times and responsiveness than traditional storage types

What does "SSL Certificate" mean?

An SSL certificate is verification by a third-party service that your website is secure, and all connections to and from the user’s computer will be encrypted and their data will be protected. You can tell if a site has an SSL certificate by the URL address – secured sites start with “HTTPS”, where unsecured sites only start with “HTTP”. Most hosts will offer free SSL certificates with your account, and Google has really been promoting SSL, so it is a great idea to install it on that you have

What does "Staging Sites" mean?

Staging site refers to a functionality built into backend control panels, where you can instantly copy a site over to a staging site, or development environment, and make live changes and updates without it affecting the front end website. Well it is not necessary, it is a very nice feature for an account to have

What does "Storage" mean?

Storage refers to the volume of files that your web host will allow you to keep on your server. Some have a set amount of storage, and others have unlimited storage, within reason

What does "VPS Hosting" mean?

VPS stands for virtual private server, and is basically a dedicated server that can be scaled up and down in terms of resources on demand. Traditionally servers had a set amount of storage, memory, and computational power built into the hardware, but a VPS hosting allows you to rent a portion of that on a much larger server database, and adjust up and down how many resources that you want to consume

What does "Web Hosting Type" mean?

A web hosting type refers to what type of account you are getting. Some different types include shared, WordPress managed, VPS, cloud, and dedicated accounts. The one that you will need will depend on your traffic and storage demands, and how much you are wanting to spend on hosting

What does "Website Builder" mean?

A website builder is a software tool that allows you to automatically build a website, using a visual drag-and-drop interface. Instead of having to know how to install components, manage servers, and write code – this gives many beginners and easier way of getting a beautiful site up and live, without any of the technical headache

What does "Website Migration" mean?

A website migration is when you move a website’s files in databases from one web host to another. For a long time this was a difficult task, but now with managed migration services in plugins offered from any web host, this can be done in a matter of minutes without any technical knowledge. Many accounts have a migration service built-in, so please ask your host if you have one included. If not, there are many great third party plugins and tools that make that process much easier

What does "WordPress" mean?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) That was originally designed for bloggers, but has since developed an expanded to be the most popular general website building platform in the world, powering almost ⅓ of internet sites. It is free and open source to download from, and has a large community of plugins, themes, and support for any needs that you may have. Unless you have a good reason to not go with it, we highly recommend you WordPress for any new bloggers

What does "WordPress Optimized" mean?

WordPress optimized hosting refers to how well optimized a plan is to run WordPress. While most shared hosting accounts are just basically set up to run almost any application, WordPress optimize hosts have the server settings, components, and compression in place to make WordPress work as well as it possibly can. By using a WordPress optimized plan, you can substantially speed up your load times, sometimes I could 20 times faster than normal web hosts